You can set your photos and videos to disappear from Telegram

Yet another messenger to adopt the Snapchat feature.

Without SnapChat or Telegraph, you can also set anything to disappear from everyone’s view – except those you want to be able to see it, use it, or destroy it.  And they don’t have to share anything with you except a means of identifying themselves in advance.  Curious?

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Source: You can set your photos and videos to disappear from Telegram

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Parent Identity Theft is Real!

This problem is more complicated than this post describes, if only that the violations which occur are between family members and in many cases involve addiction and substance abuse.  This is not to suggest that they are any less serious or damaging to those involved.

The proximity of credit cards and other financial information among family members is much closer and access is much easier.  So the violations, while personal, can be much harder to detect and the damage much more extensive.

Emerging trends in identity protection and management have provided us tools that add a number of technologies and protections to the prevention toolkit. Multivariate authentication and the added protection of bio validation like fingerprint, voice print, and added features make it harder for anyone, including potential threats from family members to steal.

The other difficulty is that older family members are less likely to be suspicious, more capabe of absorbing financial losses, and less skilled in the use of protection schemes.

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