IOT Report 2016 – Cites concerns about trusting your privacy

“This latest report was launched on April 7th in association with AVG Technologies and conducted by On Device Research. The study examines consumer perceptions about the future of a connected world. It reveals that while consumers see the tangible benefit of IoT (just 1 consumer in 10 say a world of connected devices won’t deliver such value), more than half also harbour concerns about the perceived risks and threats in a world of connected devices.”

Source: IOT Report 2016

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Trusting Someone Requires You to Confront These 4 Uncomfortable Truths

Leadership is tricky, especially with a perceived gulf between management and workers in many companies. These “uncomfortable truths” go a long way toward

1. Trust exposes you to risk

2. Trust means letting go of control

3. Trust requires a personal investment

4. Trust is a journey

Source: Trusting Someone Requires You to Confront These 4 Uncomfortable Truths | | The Cloud Is Huge

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TRUSTe Internet Privacy Index – US Edition

Great view of the 2014 situation regarding how we do and do not trust what goes on with our smartphones and Internet connected activity.

If this data is accurate, the growth of questionable activity will be constrained and Big Data activities will become more difficult to accomplish.

My sense is that the environment is much like the Wild West.  After more and more users understand what is and what is not acceptable, their Internet experiences will improve.

Just look at the history of junk mail.  Productional and distribution costs increased and yield decreased over time.

TRUSTe Internet of Things Privacy Index – US Edition.

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