You can set your photos and videos to disappear from Telegram

Yet another messenger to adopt the Snapchat feature.

Without SnapChat or Telegraph, you can also set anything to disappear from everyone’s view – except those you want to be able to see it, use it, or destroy it.  And they don’t have to share anything with you except a means of identifying themselves in advance.  Curious?

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7 tips for your Internet of Things projects

Although there’s little press these days, Privacy and Security should be at the top of your list when prioritizing your IoT Project needs.

Why, you ask?  Would you leave an unlocked car on the street?  Would you use a debit card without a chip or pin?

The answer is simple.  You wouldn’t.

7 Things to Consider When Planning Your IoT Project

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Privacy Mindfulness

Personal information, particularly health care information, is being exposed in more places, through more “things” and to more people every day, which is creating new risks for people, businesses, health care organizations, governments and society as a whole. People all around the world are more concerned than ever about their privacy and the security of the personal information they share with others, with good reason.

The coming of age of privacy awareness is imminent.  The question for today is “will you express your opinion and take action?”

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The Impact of Trust on IoT

  • Privacy – or a lack of it – is what drives concern about IoT in the USA (70%) and France (69%) versus a global average of 62%
  • While around the world 54% name security their number one concern, in the UK it’s significantly higher (67%)
  • 65% of Chinese and 61% of South African mobile users demand transparency from wearables providers over the use of their data compared to 52% worldwide
  • 17% of Indians don’t want their TV to be connected to the internet compared to just 10% of the global sample.

Source: IOT Report 2016

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The impact of the Internet of Things on product development

Transform your engineering processes and tools to gain a competitive advantage from the Internet of Things

IoT design will ultimately improve simplicity, functionality, and (Yes, Virginia) security!

Source: The impact of the Internet of Things on product development – Embedded Computing Design

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WhatsApp Adds​ ​2-Step Verification Passcode — Enable this Security Feature

“How to Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Passcode to Prevent Your Account from Being Hacked”

This isn’t rocket science folks – even though it adds a step that takes an additional minute to secure your transaction.  Is your privacy worth an extra minute?

Source: WhatsApp Adds 2-Step Verification Passcode — Enable this Security Feature


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The IoT threat to privacy

“As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread, consumers must demand better security and privacy protections that don’t leave them vulnerable to..

As mobile applications, wearables and other Wi-Fi-connected consumer products replace “dumb” devices on the market, consumers will not be able to buy products that don’t have the ability to track them. It is normal for consumers to upgrade their appliances, and it most likely does not occur to them that those new devices will also be monitoring them.”

Source: The IoT threat to privacy

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Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys

Key escrow – the process of keeping a set of keys for yourself “just in case” – has always been the US government’s modus operandi when it comes to security.

The TechCrunch article is a must read – for a number of reasons, not the least which are the conclusions.  In my “guarded” opinion not having locks at all is ludicrous.  In this case, I was tempted to offer no opinion at all (since it might be useless), but I am reducing risk (slightly) by taking issue with the premise and the conclusion.  The facts speak for themselves, yet another thread might be No Passwords At All because they might be cracked or Don’t Lock Your Car because criminals know how to break in.  Aren’t we forgetting the deterrent or delaying possibilities?

Also, I seriously doubt that the author ever managed a company security office.  If he did, I want to know his secret.

Source: Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys | TechCrunch

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Encrypted comms company Silent Circle closes $50M Series C

Encrypted comms company Silent Circle, which also makes a security-focused Android smartphone called the Blackphone, has announced it’s closed a $50 million Series C round of financing, led…

Looks like investors are beginning, finally, to see the value of encryption.  Go SafeJunction!

Source: Encrypted comms company Silent Circle closes $50M Series C | TechCrunch

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Google adds 2-step verification approval prompt on Android devices

The internet is a dangerous place with all sorts of shady people out to get your personal data. One of the best ways to keep your accounts secure is with 2-factor authentication.

The slight inconvenience is worth the effort.  But just don’t get caught without your cellphone or you’ll be back to cumbersome codes again.  This user likes the cumbersome codes, though.  My opinion is that the easier we make authentication and verification, the easier it will be to breach it.

Source: Google adds 2-step verification approval prompt on Android devices

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