7 tips for your Internet of Things projects

Although there’s little press these days, Privacy and Security should be at the top of your list when prioritizing your IoT Project needs.

Why, you ask?  Would you leave an unlocked car on the street?  Would you use a debit card without a chip or pin?

The answer is simple.  You wouldn’t.

7 Things to Consider When Planning Your IoT Project

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Consumers are anxious about privacy

“Adding sensors to ourselves, and to the objects and places around us, renders our physical world communicable, contextual, and trackable. The full implications of ubiquitous connectivity remain blurry, but Altimeter Group’s survey of 2,062 American consumers makes one point crystal clear: Consumers are decidedly anxious about how companies use and share data from their connected devices. Our research finds a massive gulf between consumer awareness and industry practices when it comes to privacy. But this data reveals more than a concerned citizenry, it reveals tremendous opportunities for companies to foster more trusted customer relationships.”

Source: Consumer-Perceptions-Privacy-IoT-Altimeter-Group.pdf

Thanks to Altimeter Group