The Technology

Patented Digital Identity Vault Platform


SafeJunction’s patented DIV provides 3rd-party identity validation with private, secure, cloud-based technology .
You can encrypt and share:

Shared Document Privacy Protection


SafeJunction’s patented SafeShare client-side apps

Provide desktop, laptop, web, mobile, as well as Surface devices, iPads and tablets, and IOT (Internet of Things) devices.  Target markets and product road map includes integration with personal/consumer, government and military, financial services, medical/health-care, and legal use-cases.

The SafeShare Experience – Three Simple Steps


  1.  Download the client application to your device (just once)
  2.  En-vault your target file or document and identify recipients
  3.  Transmit or store the privatized file anywhere locally or elsewhere

One or more recipients (members of your selected contacts) can easily access the protected document(s)
you share by following a similar three steps:

  1.  Download the client application on their device (Just the first time)
  2.  Select the envaulted file from cloud storage, an email, or network location
  3. De-vault the file or document – (You can’t view or use it without devaulting it)
  4. View, print, send, return, delete or re-envault the unprotected file

Whatever you want to do, your private file or document will be protected everywhere
there is a threat to your privacy.

YOU decide when and where to unprotect it, re-protect it, and who may have access to the contents.