24 Home Security Tips for 2017

“Keep your home and loved ones safe with these time-tested home security tips.

  1. Survey your home, thinking like a would-be burglar.
  2. Have a look at the locks on your doors, the length of the screws used to secure the hinges, and the screws used in the striker plates that the deadbolts rest in.
  3. Securing the door frames themselves makes good sense.
  4. Consider the landscape around your home.
  5. Doors and locks themselves should be of the highest quality.
  6. Consider the space in-between the door and its frame.
  7. Windows can be secured in a number of ways.
  8. Use multiple locks on doors.
  9. Consider installing exterior lighting in key areas to light the most vulnerable doors and windrows.
  10. Identify things in your yard that could be of use to a burglar.
  11. Hide your valuables from plain view.
  12. Consider investing in protective window film or window bars if you live in a high risk area.
  13. Do not leave mail in the mailbox for any length of time, or leave flyers or advertising paraphernalia in the door.
  14. Use timers for lights inside your home, if you go away regularly from your home at night.
  15. For the same reasons that one shouldn’t leave mail and adverts in the door or mailbox, one also should take care not to leave any outside lights burning all night into the day.
  16. If you live in a neighborhood that has been plagues with home invasions, it is a good idea to create a safe room inside your home for you and your family.
  17. Engrave your valuables with an engraving tool, putting your name on them.
  18. Don’t stash all of your valuables in one place.
  19. This goes with tip # 17: photocopy all the contents of your purse or wallet.
  20. Join or start a neighborhood watch program, if this is possible.
  21. If you go out,whether to work or just about town, consider leaving the radio or television on, and preferably on a talk program. this, with the other tip of leaving lights on timers, can go a long way to confusing a would-be burglar.
  22. If you like animals, and don’t have any sorts of allergies or similar issues, consider getting a dog.
  23. Most garages have doors leading to the house from the inside of the garage, and most often these are the least protected entrances. Give these doors the same consideration as you would your front or back doors!
  24. This last one is so obvious, but you would be surprised how many of my neighbors do it: do not leave home with the windows open!”

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