Secure Digital Objects – Whenever – Wherever

SafeJunction‘s SafeShare technology eliminates the need for complicated VPNs or key management while providing the highest level of encryption/decryption technology with a parameter-driven access validation engine using SafeJunction‘s patented Digital Identity Vault(tm).

SafeShare technology gives you piece of mind by:

  • Securely storing data access credentials and those within a defined SafeJunction circle of trust
  • Making it simple for you and those you trust to use SafeJunction technology to privatize, and share en-vaulted (encrypted) files, messages, pictures, videos, and digital objects for retrieval and use when needed – by anyone you choose in advance whenever or wherever.
  • Providing validated credentials that you control to extend digital privacy and object security anywhere

All you – or those within your trusted circle need to have is a SafeJunction Access Subscription to retrieve private data in minutes without the need for additional sender messages, passwords, or tokens.

  • private documents – encrypt, send, and privatize files
  • private data – retrieve and view anything private that’s digital from those within your Trusted Circle
  • private medical records – HIPAA compliant test results, reports, bills
  • private email attachments – privatize email attachments, files, documents, drawings, contracts
  • private social networking – privatize messages, pictures, and videos
  • private identity – validate the identity of your chosen contacts for each document
  • private objects – protect IoT (Internet of Things) data and devices from intrusions and hacking

Systematic, simple privacy protection whenever and wherever you need it – on any device